'The Nation's Ukulele Orchestra'
BBC News, Radio 4, 23rd September 2014
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One Plucking Thing After Another

The UOGB has been performing for over 36 years, longer than the Beatles and Led Zeppelin combined. It’s had more gigs than the Rolling Stones and has covered more genres than Beyoncé and the Berlin Philharmonic. The live experience of the orchestra has been a major draw with sold-out audiences for decades. The orchestra has proven itself in bars, concert halls, opera houses, cathedrals and at major rock festivals across the globe by hitting the strings - all thirty-two of them - and singing. Except in "The Old Home Place" where the applause is also in response to Ewan’s Appalachian clog dancing expertise. 
Also on this CD is music from the Pink Panther, a Chinese heavy-metal song by Black Panther, and ballet music by Prokofiev. The medley “Woo Woo/Yeah Yeah/Rockin’ Goose” combines in one track three catchy vintage hits, in a journey from Tokyo to Toledo via Edinburgh. The bonus track “Something’ Stupid” revisits the hit made famous by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy, in this case with George and Laura, the oldest and the youngest performers in the UOGB. “On the Road Again” could be the Orchestra’s theme song. Like donkey in Shrek, like Willie Nelson, the music is time honoured.
The orchestra is a relentless machine delivering entertainment, fun and humour.
It uses only ukuleles.
What can you expect from the UOGB?
The answer is simple: One Plucking Thing After Another. 
01: Higher and Higher
02: 9 to 5
03: Woo Woo
04: On The Road Again
05: Dedicated Follower of Fashion
06: You Know I’m No Good
07: Play That Funky Music
08: The Old Home Place
09: Meglio Stasera
10: Montagues and Capulets
11: Shameful
12: Thank You For The Music
13: Something Stupid (bonus track)
One Plucking Thing After Another
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