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BBC News, Radio 4, 23rd September 2014
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Cecil Sharp Songbook at Birmingham Town Hall

The Ukulele Orchestra will be returning to the Town Hall Birmingham on Sunday 15 May to perform the specially commissioned show of songs from the The Cecil Sharp Songbook. The show is a part Birmingham Town Hall's 'Imagined Isle' Folk Festival.

In this show the orchestra remembers Cecil James Sharp (1859 - 1924), the collector who travelled extensively in England and America finding songs during the early 20th Century. With his material they bring the key ingredients of folk and pop music into focus.

The 'folk' songs Sharp found and popularised however have gone on to be huge hits in pop music and film. Without Sharp would we have had Scarborough Fair, The House of the Rising Sun, or even the soundtracks of The Wicker Man and Remember the Titans?

In this show you'll encounter stomping tracks and tear jerking ballads - the origins of rock and pop music in Britain and America, from English dance music to dust kicking Americana.

The Orchestra will be releasing their new album 'The Keeper', the live recording of the songs to coincide with the concert.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Explores the Cecil Sharp Songbook
Birmingham Town Hall
Sunday 15 May, 3pm
£22 (including £3 commission)
Box office: 0121 780 3333
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One thought on “Cecil Sharp Songbook at Birmingham Town Hall”

  • Richard Moseling
    Richard Moseling May 30, 2016 at 8:37 am

    'The Keeper' is a great cd. Your rendition of the folk songs and music is inspired. Have been to your gigs a number of times and thoroughly enjoyed them. I make a very poor fist of playing folk music on guitar and 'The Keeper' has encouraged me to find more tunes to try. Please record some more folk songs there are plenty to choose from. Particularly pleased to hear Peter's singing - more please.

    Best wishes

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