'The Nation's Ukulele Orchestra'
BBC News, Radio 4, 23rd September 2014
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The Originals

A Double album of songs and instrumentals written and sung by the performers of the Ukulele Orchestra.

Written by Lux, Hinchliffe, Suich, Brook Turner, Goodman, Williams, Rea, Grove-White, Bankes. Produced by Dai Watts.

Each of the two discs is a separate album, one with only ukuleles and voices, the other with other instruments and voices. Each song appears on each of the two albums, in different arrangements, different keys, different tempo and with different vocalists. The effect is of listening to the "original" artsts and then a different album of cover versions by ukulele artists.

One disc is arranged as an audio trip round London in song and melody, moving sonically from city square to alley, from basement club to cathedral, from pub-rock and rollicking knees-up to haunting reminiscence of Eliot's Wasteland.

Includes: "Young Again", "Off round the World", "Lager and Glue", and the original whistling classic "The Mercenary and the Crow".

Though the Ukulele Orchestra has included original songs in live epertoire, and in the early days recorded more self-composed material, it has often been thought of as re-interpreting existing material as "cover versions". Fans often ask if pieces written by the orchestra are available. With this new album, all the songs are written and sung by the orchestra.

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